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Getting a NEW new car

Last Thursday, while I was driving home from work, the transmission in our 2005 Ford Taurus died without warning. I was lucky to be able to safely roll onto the left turn lane. Other than bruising my knee, when I fell on the parking lot where we pushed the car to, I suffered no injuries.

Two people going to work need two cars to get there, so we had to find replacement quickly. Transmission repair was estimated to cost between $1,200 and $2,000 - more than we were willing to pay, not knowing what would be next. So we went car shopping on the weekend and picked up our new vehicle today.

Elantra.jpgProudly presenting:
2011 Hyundai Elantra
with manual transmission


Nice car! I had one as a rental car for a day last fall and I loved driving it! How's the gas mileage? My husband and I were actually talking about the Elantra this morning ;)

Enjoy your new ride!

Posted by: Alex | 04/02/2011

If you had last year's Elantra for a rental, you would be in for a surprise with the 2011 model. The car has been completely redesigned, inside and out! They are now building those in Alabama too, in a completely new high-tech facility.

The gas mileage is fabulous! It's rated at up to 47 mpg, and with the stick shift we are confident to get that. After just one week you can't tell yet though.

Posted by: Karin | 04/05/2011

Small cars usually have an issue with passenger space, but the new Elantra is somewhat of a mixed bag as it provides ample room for the driver and front passenger. It is a different story for the back seating areas, as the headroom is somewhat limited, but the trunk space is at a respectable 14.8 cubic feet.

Posted by: Roadtrek Dealers | 04/08/2011

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