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No more Candy Crush.

Enough already! Level 149 of this silly time-waster was the straw that broke the camel's back for me. I got rid of it. Deleted and uninstalled it. Now I am surprised that it took me over 9 months to realize this game is a huge waste of my time, the world's resources, developers' talent, and even some people's money.

CCS-149.jpgHere's what's wrong with this game:

  • King stole it from Albert Ransom, developer of the original Candy Swipe
  • the only purpose of the game is to get you to spend money on extra moves, extra levels, extra "boosters", extra tries, extra....

  • you don't learn any new skills, you don't practice any old skills

  • you don't gain anything, there is no measureable "progress"

  • after playing for roughly 70 hours, I find the game increasingly boring

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The Annual Trip to Painsville

Tax2013.jpgEven though we're getting better at this, it doesn't seem to get any easier. Over two hours spent, using specialized software to produce a book over 50 pages thick for federal, and another booklet with 15 pages for the state tax return - just to find out what we already knew - we owe.

Why does this have to be so much work?

I used to complain about the "complexity" of income tax preparation in Germany - now I wish tax preparation in the US was that easy.