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Winter is definitely here!



It started yesterday with over two inches of rain that turned our road into a river. As the day went on the rain became hail, sleet, slush, then snow. 





Over five inches of that resulted in chaotic traffic conditions, fallen trees, power outages, and a 32 hour shift for Tom and his colleagues.


3, 2, 1 - Gone!

Dirndl.jpgOnline auctions are my favorite way of shopping. If you know how to do it right you can find really good deals on fancy stuff that nobody else has - and it isn't made in China either.

When I look for interesting items I search for auctions ending within 48 hours, with less than 10 bids posted, and at a price that I consider a bargain. Then I bookmark that item and set myself an alarm for 10 minutes before the auction ends.

At that time I check the listing to see if the price is still reasonable, and if it is I just sit there watching the timer count down. When the count-down falls below 2 minutes I type my absolutely highest maximum price in, but I don't bid yet.

As soon as the timer shows less than 1 minute I click 'bid' and then 'confirm' right away. This will post my bid within 30 seconds of the auction's end - too late for anybody else to bid again.


The Hedge Apple Experiment

HedgeApple2.jpgToday I found a plastic bag on the workbench in our garage. In it were half a dozen very strange looking, exotic, light-green, baseball size vegetables. I had never seen anything like that before.

Tom got them from a colleague at work. He said they are called hedge apples and supposedly help keep spiders and other insects out of your house, basement, or garage.

After doing a little research on this peculiar looking fruit I decided to plant one of them in a pot with some dirt and wait for an osage orange tree to grow from it. I'll keep you posted about the success - or failure - of this experiment.

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