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extreme marketing?

OK, I agree, you need to advertise to make people aware of the products or services you offer - but this new advertising service seems a bit getting carried away.....

a3e6293d04c5d52066e108f30eb2584e.jpgOn my way home from work today I spotted a strange vehicle in my rear view mirror. A tiny orange Hyundai car, with a huge rotating billboard sticking out from the top. Somebody had drilled a hole thru the car's roof, about five inches in diameter, and stuck a hydraulic pole into the front passenger cabin, right by the driver's seat.

When stopped in traffic, for whatever reason, the driver would manually raise the billboard up to approximately 10 feet above the car and rotate the triangular billboard carrier back and forth. I admit the contraption was rather eye-catching - but I can't remember what it was advertising for. d140e251f4c8c4d6e3d03946b2d9f6df.jpg

I was too fascinated by the peculiar looks of this *object*, and also wondering, if it would just tip over with strong side winds. 


water in the basement

One of the big differences between Germany and the USA is the way houses are built. Almost all German houses have a basement, but none of the many basements I have seen (and lived in) in Germany needed a sump pump. The whole concept of that machine was beyond me when I first saw one, looking at houses to buy in Fort Wayne.

Just think about it! Instead of sealing your basement against ground water from the outside when building it, you let water leak into the basement on purpose, by means of drain tiles in your yard, and then pump it back out into the sewer. Now, what if that sump pump ever quits working? e943f5974b701ab4f2de191dbe35ee8c.jpgOh, that's when the secondary pump will kick in, right? Aha, but what if the secondary pump quit working months ago, without you even noticing? 

Well, that's what happened in our basement today. Tom was at work, I had slept in late and was going to go swimming at the YMCA. While I got my coat I heard a strange beep coming from the basement. At least the leak alarm worked.

I spent the rest of my day carrying buckets full of icecold, muddy water from the basement to the kitchen. Tom went to the hardware store as soon as he came home from work. It took us ten hours to get everything fixed.


flood zone

We've had heavy rain, snowfall and winter storms these past few days. Our back yard looks more like a pond and on my way home today I had to take a detour.

cd702eda3fecc26e506abb36a1758a4d.jpgAnthony Boulevard was closed right before the bridge over the Maumee river because of dangerously high water levels. People living on Edgewater Road needed volunteers to help with sand-bagging.

A few more roads along the St.Joseph and St.Mary's rivers were also closed for the same reason. Good thing I know my way around town by now. I had no problem coming up with an alternative route home. 21a0bdd75a3b2c8d2a14127496c9842a.jpg


Super Tuesday

OK - I can't vote for any of these people, but it's still interesting to watch. The election process for President of the USA is very different from the procedure in Germany. People don't really get to vote for a candidate, people just vote for a delegate. First the parties have to decide, who is going to be running in the finals for them.

That first step is called *primary election* or *caucas*, depending on how exactly the procedure is done. On a primary election party members simply cast a vote for whom they prefer to be their party's candidate. On a caucas party members discuss with each other about the candidates, before casting their vote for one or another person.


24 of the States had their primary/caucas today, on Super Tuesday. One republican candidate emerged the obvious winner - John McCain, but the democrats are still undecided. Is it going to be Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama for them?

The most interesting aspect of this is the impact, which a decision between the two Democrats might have on the likelihood of the Republican becoming President. Analysts speculate, that John McCain would most likely win the final election, if Hillary Clinton was to win the primaries for the Democrats.

89abffb143280301e8dbc12e8ac3c9e4.jpgAnd whom would I want for President? Well, to be honest - none of the above. I'd vote for Arnold Schwarzenegger. 



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