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this blog available as a book now

OK - for all my 5 or 6 average daily visitors - you've been warned...

I really did it now, this blog can be purchased as a printed paperback book, or a downloadable .pdf-file. It will also be distributed via Amazon and other bookstores soon.

I purchased an ISBN for the first edition, which makes it more expensive (costs $32.95). I will continue to update the book, as I post on the blog. The continued edition doesn't have an ISBN (it changes too frequently) - so you can buy it at a lower price of only $21.95 (directly from the publisher). The downloadable version is $6.95 for either edition. 

Just in case you can't wait to get your hands on the first copy, hot off the press, buy it here directly from the publisher:

buy *Karin's Adventures continued* now  


got my first major .NET application done

medium_KeyDB_small.JPGOnce you get the hang of it, you'll agree that application development using VB.NET and SQL Server Reporting Services is so easy, it should be illegal.

My second *practice project* involved more than just calling a stored procedure and passing two parameters. I had to develop a new user interface for the existing key database. This was a great way to learn everything I'll ever need to know about developing a database interface.

There's functionality for searching certain records in a relational database, then there's adding, deleting and updating records in the database, and there's also generating printable reports.

What I like the best about it is, that I realized all my long years of experience and all the accumulated knowledge from *stone-age IT* are not obsolete. It wasn't a waste to do mainframe IT, build MFS blocks, or work with DB2 databases. All this is part of the bigger picture - and not really different from what I'm doing now.