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Circus at the Coliseum

The Memorial Coliseum hosted a circus for four days. We had tickets for the Saturday afternoon show and enjoyed about two hours of spectacular performances by people and animals.
Acrobats flying high in the air, bears riding bycicles, tigers balancing across steel ropes.
A few animal rights activists were walking around the building, close to the entrance, carrying cardboard signs with messages about the *cruelty* of training wild animals. They didn't get very much attention - probably because it was freezing cold outside. Barely 9°F with the wind chill. 

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Snickerz Comedy Club



Tom had won 10 free tickets for the Snickerz Comedy Club, to be the audience in a TV show called 'Night Shift'. So we took Dan and Sarah, Terry and Artemis, Beth, Josh, Penny and Becky along for a few hours of clean, simple fun. It's going to be aired on Sunday, on channel 33 at midnight.

Stand-up comedy is one of the few occasions I truely feel *alien*. I'd say 70% of the jokes are beyond me, I just don't get it. Wether it's politics, sports, TV shows, celebrities - I just notice a severe lack of general knowledge in these areas of every-day life.

Nevertheless I found it very entertaining, educating, relaxing - we don't go out with a bunch of people that often.

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New Year - New Job



I admit I had been worried when Lincoln Foodservice Products said they didn't need me anymore. Two days before Christmas is not the perfect time to be looking for a new job. Life seems to be at a standstill over the holidays, only your bills keep coming in at the usual pace. 

But, since Lincoln was a temporary assignment from the start, I had been constantly looking for something more along my lines anyways. I strongly believe in never giving up, and I stayed optimistic throughout all of 2006. On my last day at Lincoln I had an interview during lunch hour, for a programmer position with Indiana Tech.

Yesterday I received a phone call from their HR Director. Out of over 50 candidates they had interviewed three - and picked me. I was so excited, thrilled, happy! Finally a *real* job, a career that fits with my experience, skills and personality. January 16th 2007 is going to be my first day. This year is off to a very good start.

Here's where I work now:  Indiana Tech's website


visit the German embassy

My passport still listed *München* as my hometown, which prevented me from receiving a tax refund for my purchases in October 2006.

medium_chicago.jpgSo today I took a deep breath, printed out a map, and headed towards Chicago again. Eight hours on the road for a five minute task.

Now my residence is officially *Fort Wayne*. The weather was unseasonally warm, dry, sunny - and traffic wasn't as bad as I had anticipated. Time for a short walk downtown, just to gaze up the high-rising walls of these amazing buildings.

Despite the fact that Chicago is huge and crowded, I found the people very nice. Two different guys saw me looking around, and came to ask if I needed help finding my way.