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Travel to Munich



It felt a bit strange to travel back to my old hometown as a tourist. I was wondering wether I would feel homesick or not. I realized that there are very few things, mostly people, I truly miss.

The first thing I really noticed - something I didn't even pay attention to before - was the smaller size of everything. The average car is smaller, the lanes on all roads are narrower, my mom's kitchen appliances are a lot smaller, the portions in restaurants are smaller.

One thing is definitely bigger though: the normal glass of beer!

After two weeks of visiting friends and family, celebrating my daughter's 17th birthday with her and enjoying the Wies'n  (the one and only real Oktoberfest) I was happy to come back home to the spacious environment, which is so easy to take for granted. 


what's the use of having a blog?

Now that my blog is almost a year old, I think it's time to look at some of the feedbacks I received. There's no doubt about the fact, that writing an online diary puts you in an exposed position - which will bring forth all the good and the bad out there.

Very few of the comments I received were so full of negativity, that I felt the need to delete them. Most of my readers - an average of 5 people daily - enjoy silently. The few who take the time to post a comment write something nice with a positive attitude.

So, why should I stop doing it, according to some people?

  • nobody is interested in my life or my opinion anyways
  • my views are way too happy and positive, I should post more about the *true* disaster, which my life actually is
  • since I am a *typical* German, I shouldn't write in English
  • my blog is full of lies and boring junk, it just sux

Of course I'll go on writing because...

  • some readers told me, they really enjoyed reading my blog
  • always looking on the bright side of life has been scientifically proven to be good for you
  • writing in English broadens my potential audience to almost world-wide
  • people who don't like reading my blog can easily find something else to do

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... and the car of the day is ...

Seven weeks after the accident Dimension Ford told us our van was fixed, and we should come pick it up. We had hoped for the insurance company to total it and just give us the money. But, no, they wanted to fix it. Their first estimate was $5,000 - the Ford shop estimated $6,000 - the bill was at $7,000 today.

And the car is still not ready to go. The headlight is loose, the sliding door is rattling, the horn doesn't honk, and worst: the car pulls to the right - probably because of two different tires on the front axle.

So, after driving a Nissan Sentra rental car for a month, and our old van for a day, I now got a Pontiac Vibe from the Ford shop. Will be interesting to see if they make it before we leave on our vacation trip to Munich this Friday.


OK - job secured for another month

It took some patience on my part, and some talking on Lincoln's part - but now at least I know I'll have a job to come back to after our trip to Munich.

I'll be a temp for another month, to fill the 1000 hours with Office Team so Lincoln can have me for free. And then, "if something comes open" during that time, I might be hired permanently.

That gives me another month to show them all the tricks I know, and maybe learn a couple new ones. I'm getting a lot of good vibes from people there, we'll see.


Will I need to look for a new job?

Just when I was really getting the hang of Lincoln and feeling at home there, bad news came my way.

My boss, the General Manager of Merco/Savory, was fired today. And he left so quickly, that I didn't even get to say good-bye.

Thinking back, I had watched him make several costly mistakes - which he feverishly tried to cover up or fix lately. He also never bothered to follow any of the company's rules for standard procedures. And instead of giving his people (including me) directives, he was micro-managing way too much.

On the other hand - who am I to judge? My (ex)boss also was really moving Merco/Savory forward visibly, selling above plan and always full of new great ideas. He just got a little bit ahead of himself there, I guess.

But what will this mean for me? Still a temporary administrative assistant, now without an executive to assist. I had a very nice talk with Lincoln's CEO. He promised to let me know on Monday, the 11th.

I really hope I won't have to start searching again in October, after we come back from our trip to Munich.