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Tom bought a motorcycle

Honda Hayden in Kendallville has a special promotion going on. medium_Shadow.jpgSo Tom couldn't resist and signed for a very beautiful  Honda Shadow Aero, 750ccm.

He was nervous about riding it home, since the last time he rode was over six years ago. But he did just fine. Once we got home I couldn't resist either - had to try it out, even though I don't have a motorcycle license yet. And it has been twenty years for me since I last rode, if you don't count the five minutes in November 1999.

It's a really nice motorcycle! Very well balanced, easy to handle. Just the position of your feet, forward and up, needs some getting used to. You can't ride standing up on this bike.

Now I have to hurry up and get my endorsement, so I can ride it too, and get my own bike soon.

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Finally! Got my drivers license!

It took them four months to check my background (again?) and send me my learner permit. Maybe the address change inbetween, when we moved from the rented apartment to our own house, made it especially difficult to track me down.

I had to hold the learner permit for 60 days, before I could schedule a driving exam - so I scheduled that for today, 60 days long over. medium_DriversLicenseSecure.jpg

I must admit I was slightly nervous,  but not as bad as for my first exam 30 years ago. The examiner was a very friendly, older guy. He told me to take a deep breath and relax.

He wanted to see my German license, even though that still isn't considered a valid document in Indiana. Then he made me drive around the block for about ten minutes, asking questions about Germany, and why I moved to Fort Wayne.

I made only two mistakes: turning left onto the right lane (must be instinct, from years of driving in Germany) instead of the left. And then, when turning left from the middle lane (which doesn't exist in Germany), I slowed down before switching lanes. Should have switched lanes at normal speed, and then slowed down after I was on the middle lane.

So, now I am legally licensed to drive cars and boats in Indiana.


Chain-o-Lakes State Park

medium_chain-o-lakes.2.jpgIt was hot and sunny out, so we decided to go on a field trip to the Chain-o-Lakes State Park. That's about 20 miles from our home.

Eight lakes, all connected by a river. Campground, boat ramp, picknick areas with grills, a beach. Just the perfect spot to relax and get tanned. The girls didn't want to use any sun-protection, so they got burned - maybe red is just as pretty as brown?

We rented a boat for an hour and pedaled our way across the lake. I even got to swim outside the area where they wanted you to stay. I had been wondering why everybody was behind that rope, and nobody was swimming out in the lake.

It took the guards a while to notice, and when they got their speakers out to call me back in, I was actually getting ready to swim back anyways. 

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Every year in June the *German Heritage Society* celebrates a week of Germanfest, mainly at Headwaters Park.

medium_budweiser.jpgToday I went there right after work, to participate in the *Lederhosen-Contest* and to have a beer. They had the Budweiser horses on display and sold Hacker Pschorr Weißbier, Köstritzer Schwarzbier and Bitburger Pils. I also had Bratwurst and Sauerkraut, which tasted almost like home - after I had removed the totally inappropriate hotdog bun that came with the Bratwurst.

The band played *Anton aus Tirol*, among other famous songs, and people were dancing the *Chicken Dance* or polkas with it.

medium_bierzelt.2.jpgThe Lederhosen-Contest had only 10 participants (including myself) - and I didn't win any of the main prizes. $10 worth of food tickets and a lot of fun was enough *payment* though.

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Second jobs for everybody

Following the tradition here Tom and I got ourselves some small extra jobs: Tom works part time as a security technician. And I work a few extra hours from home as a virtual call-center agent, handling inbound product order calls for various companies.

Extra cash, extra security, extra options - but less spare time. Seems like you can never have it all your way. I think I might enjoy the call-center from home more than my daily commute, and if/when that happens, I'll switch priorities. So far I'm just testing the waters.