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Tell the boss *I quit*

How many times have you thought to yourself *one more thing like this, and I'll quit*? And then you stay in your job, because it's convenient, because it's not that bad, because you have to work somewhere,..... With my new immigrant visa in my passport, there was nothing to stop me now.

On August 30th 2005, after coming back from my summer vacation, I had my weekly meeting with the team leader. And I just couldn't wait any longer - even though, according to my contract, I could have waited until September 30th to tell the company: I quit. I'm leaving this company, this town, this country, and even this continent.

I was surprised to find out, that (with maybe two or three exceptions) nobody at my company had expected that. Even though I had told everybody about the financial hardships we were facing, because of Tom being unemployed and our family being spread out over two continents, and my divorce being very expensive. Some of my colleagues had even suggested *why don't you just move to America*. Probably nobody thought I would have the guts to actually do this, at my age.  


Immigration Interview in Frankfurt

It took the US Consulate two and a half months to work their way thru our stack of papers. Meanwhile Alejandra and I had all our vaccinations updated and our medical exam done. I called three times during those weeks, just to make sure they hadn't forgotten about us. Then we finally received our invitation for the interview.

Train ride to Frankfurt again, stayed at the hotel Bristol again. I can't remember ever being that nervous in my life before. Sweat was pouring down my body, my hands were shaking, I kept checking my stack of papers again and again. The loudspeakers weren't very clear, we had a hard time hearing our names being called.

The interview itself was nothing like I had expected. A friendly, young officer asked Alejandra and Tom two questions each - I was just asked about our marriage date. Then I was told, that I needed to fax written permission from Fernando, that he allows Alejandra to go with me. And that was it!

On August 26th 2005 we received our immigration packages in the mail. Woo-Hoo!