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Tom moves to Germany

The past few months had been very busy for both of us. Tom's wife Jodie had moved out, taking Mollie with her. Tom had quit his job, boxed up his stuff, sent that ahead to Germany with Bax Global. He had to file bankruptcy, because of the debt from his divorce and the mortgage on his house.

On January 22nd 2000 his plane landed in Munich. I had been waiting at the airport for over an hour, the red rose in my hand starting to look a bit tired.

I played Beethoven's *Ode to Joy* on my cassette player in the car the entire way home. Alejandra was having a rough time, and Tom's biggest problem was having left his daughter behind. I almost felt guilty, for being so happy. 

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About Tom moving to Germany

Yes, it's maybe normal, that people are curious - and they all care for you, maybe, some even as much as they care for themselves. But sometimes you might need more support, or just less negativity.

When Tom decided to take the big plunge and come live with me in Germany, he got the run-around from most people he knew. Only one member of his family was truely supportive, wishing him luck and happiness - and a few friends admitted to honestly be missing him.

Here's what some people said:

  • you don't speak German
  • you won't even have a job, you'll depend on Karin totally
  • Germans are unfriendly, remember the Nazis
  • you are a bad husband, for leaving your wife
  • you are a bad father, for leaving your daughter with her mom

And this is, what nice people would say:

  • this is a great opportunity, to live in a foreign country for some time
  • if you really love somebody, you'll want to be with her anywhere
  • in case something goes wrong, we'll all be still here for you
  • Germany is a beautiful country, you'll love it
  • we'll be missing you, but we want you to be happy

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