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Leaf pick-up

Having a big yard with lots of nice old shade trees also means lots of leaves to rake in fall. If you want to take advantage of the city's pick-up service, you have to make sure your leaves are all out by the road when they come to your house. So today we spent a couple of hours raking leaves, stacking them three feet high all along the entire front of our property. I'd call that free exercise.



wet dirt can't fly

One of Tom's nephews is training to become a vacuum cleaner salesperson. He needs *victims*, so we let him do his show in our family room today. 305ff8fc11769d84377c14261ae1f038.jpgWe got to see what I believe to be the world's best idea for removing the roughly 40 pounds of dust, dirt, people's skin, dog's hair, dust mite waste and other stuff your home accumulates every year.

The underlying principle is relatively simple: instead of sucking air (and the dirt in it) thru some kind of dry filter, hoping to trap dust particles inside a bag or box, this machine creates the air-freshening effect of *heavy rainfall*. 99.997% of all pollutants are just washed out of your air and end up in the two quarts of water inside the bottom of this vacuum cleaner. 

The *power nozzle* vibrates your floor while you sweep the carpet, thus lifting dirt, dust and sand upwards to be sucked thru the water reservoir. When you empty the tank after sweeping, the water looks worse than the Maumee River - grimy mud came out after just a brief demonstration in our family room.

Now, if this thing is so awesome, why didn't we buy one right there? Well, there's a catch - when you buy from a representative, it costs roughly 2,000 $. But I'm sure, it's available cheaper somewhere ;-))


storm season

This is the time of the year when I notice the difference in climate between Germany and Indiana the most. Tornado watches, thunderstorm warnings, our weather alarm going off in the middle of the night. Armani jumps on top of the bed when thunder and lightning and hail and heavy rainfall become too scary.


So far no major damage to our house, just a few big branches being knocked off the trees in our back yard by strong winds. Today we also had the chance to see a beautiful double rainbow, painted on a dark green-orange evening sky.


Earth Hour

Today from 8:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. (in your local time zone) you are invited to participate in the annual Earth Hour event by turning off all lights that you have control over. It might not save a whole lot of energy, but it shows your personal awareness. Plus it's *cool* to sit in the dark, only candlelight on, and talk or not even talk. 


extreme marketing?

OK, I agree, you need to advertise to make people aware of the products or services you offer - but this new advertising service seems a bit getting carried away.....

a3e6293d04c5d52066e108f30eb2584e.jpgOn my way home from work today I spotted a strange vehicle in my rear view mirror. A tiny orange Hyundai car, with a huge rotating billboard sticking out from the top. Somebody had drilled a hole thru the car's roof, about five inches in diameter, and stuck a hydraulic pole into the front passenger cabin, right by the driver's seat.

When stopped in traffic, for whatever reason, the driver would manually raise the billboard up to approximately 10 feet above the car and rotate the triangular billboard carrier back and forth. I admit the contraption was rather eye-catching - but I can't remember what it was advertising for. d140e251f4c8c4d6e3d03946b2d9f6df.jpg

I was too fascinated by the peculiar looks of this *object*, and also wondering, if it would just tip over with strong side winds.