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'tis the season

medium_Winter.jpgNow we're definitely getting ready for Christmas. It had been very cold, around 25°F for a high, these past few days. And today we finally got our first *real* snowfall for the season (because October 12th didn't really count).

We have a string of 420 little LED lights draped alongside our front porch, to make the house look more festive. Of course we can't compete with our neighbours here in Pine Valley - but it is a start. We'll go on adding to the decoration in the following years.

And I personally built a German *Adventskranz* to light 1, 2, 3, and 4 dark-red cinnamon-scented candles on over the coming weekends. Now all we need to get is our Christmas tree. Of course it will have to be a real tree - no plastic. But, because of our dog, we won't put real candles on the tree this year. That would be too dangerous.


Freeze! - so that I can take your picture.

medium_salamander.jpgIt's getting pretty chilly out, today the high was only 40°F. Too cold for the salamander on our front porch to be able to run away.

So I could take my time, get the camera out, and take a close-up picture of a really pretty black salamander.

When Mollie came home she wanted to take the salamander in, to see if it would move once it thawed out. Of course it did - and now it sits in the bathtub. Armani wants to eat it.


still have my (temporary) job


 After our vacation trip to Munich Lincoln moved me from the factory location back upstairs. The customer service department needs help with sanning and filing their huge backlog of unfiled purchase orders. So I built myself another tool to speed up the process of renaming and moving those documents once they are scanned.

And in between I am entering tax exempt certificates into the new database.... there's over 2,000 of those - and only three people to do it. With these two tasks on hand my job is guaranteed thru the end of this year, even though it's still a *temporary* job, and I am still not a Lincoln employee.  


Is it "global warming" or "new ice-age"?

For me this is a new record - first snowfall on October 12th. It lasted only 15 minutes, and it didn't stick either, but it was definitely real snow.

Just the other day we heard the weather forecast, and didn't really believe it was actually going to snow. Snow in October was last recorded in Fort Wayne in 1942. So, is that good or bad? Like always, it's good for some people, and bad for others.  


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