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Discover sources for hard-to-find neccessities

The older you get the harder it is to give up certain habits. There are more and more things that you feel you just can't do without.

My *neccessities* are mostly physical in nature: I need to swim and sweat in the sauna at least once a week. And I need to eat plain yogurt, bread and cereal made from very few, all natural ingredients.

medium_vollkorn.jpgSwimming and sauna were easy to find - we signed up with Spiece Fitness. Dannon plain, all-natural yogurt is available in most grocery stores. Finding bread and cereal, that would be acceptable, was a bit harder.

Ordering online, imported from Germany, is very expensive. Buying imported food at Meijer's is still a bit salty. Finding US made food in local stores is the real deal.

I recommend Bob's Red Mill Muesli, which I buy at Kroger on 601 E. Dupont Rd., and Rubschlager Sunflower Bread, available at The Fresh Market on 6306 W. Jefferson Blvd.   

Also, for homoepathic remedies, fair-trade coffee and tee, organic food - or just a dose of *feel at home* - be sure to check out Three River's Co-op Natural Grocery at 1602 Sherman Blvd.


Go shopping at Aldi's

Back in Germany I didn't consider Aldi the source for my everyday groceries, because there were other stores more conveniently located.

medium_aldi.3.gifBut here Aldi is more than just *convenience*, it is a way to feel at home. There are some differences, especially in the product selection, but the entire look-and-feel is just like every Aldi I've seen in Germany.

You need a quarter to be able to use a shopping cart, and plastic bags are not free. The store is relatively small, you do your entire weekly grocery list within half an hour. You don't see 50 different brands of the same item. And you save a lot of money.

We estimate about $250 savings on our monthly grocery bill. We found spanish red wine for $6.99 a bottle, and everything else for 30% to 50% less than Meijer's. They don't honour coupons, they don't advertise in the Sunday paper, but they are open on Sundays - which is one very convenient difference to Aldi's in Germany.


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