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OK - job secured for another month

It took some patience on my part, and some talking on Lincoln's part - but now at least I know I'll have a job to come back to after our trip to Munich.

I'll be a temp for another month, to fill the 1000 hours with Office Team so Lincoln can have me for free. And then, "if something comes open" during that time, I might be hired permanently.

That gives me another month to show them all the tricks I know, and maybe learn a couple new ones. I'm getting a lot of good vibes from people there, we'll see.


I get to wear jeans again

Now that the new office in fabrication is set up, the Merco team wanted me down there, so that I can really help with production planning and scheduling.

It took me half a day to clean my new desk, move my stuff, get the computer hooked up. medium_BoxOffice.jpg

Now I'm right there, where all the fun and action is, inside the factory!

I love it! I'm not alone in a cubicle anymore, there's four very nice guys in here with me.

And the dress code isn't all that strict either - as long as I don't walk around outside the office with open-toed shoes, or without safety glasses on.


once a programmer, always a programmer

medium_excel.jpgIt took Lincoln Foodservice Products, Inc. about 4 months to find out that I can do more than just make copies and mail letters.

Once I had gotten my hands on the project schedule, they wanted me to improve and automate the production schedules and the vacation schedule....... and there's more in the pipeline.

Now, I haven't done much Excel VBA programming before, none at all, to be precise - but with a little help from Tom and doing some reading and playing around with it, I'm getting there.

The main thing is: I'm having fun!

The job isn't boring anymore, my colleagues and superiors seem to appreciate my work more, and I might be securing my temporary job and turning it into a permanent one. 


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