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Alejandra moves back to Germany

Her plane took off Fort Wayne airport today at 11:55 a.m.

I keep telling myself that it is what she wants to do, that I should be proud of her for taking her life in her own hands, that she would have - at most - stayed with me for one more year.

I know she'll be having lots of fun. She will have her dad and her best friend's family to take care of her. She will be making a big step ahead and have the chance to grow, become the responsible adult that she thinks she already is.

And then there is the internet, the telephone, and we'll visit each other. She will always be my girl, and I should be proud of myself too, for accomplishing what had been my goals with her education: make her strong, independent, self-confident, fearless, with a free will and the energy to pull thru.

But on the other hand I think, she isn't ready yet. Or, maybe, I'm not ready yet.   


Ted keeps postponing his move

Tom's dad is in pretty bad shape, health-wise. He has been diagnosed with multiple system atrophy a while ago and doctors fill him up with dozens of pills that counteract each other.

When we bought our house we specifically looked for one with enough room and the possibility to have Ted move in with us. Tom already got quotes on putting a shower in the downstairs bathroom and we were talking about Ted moving in late April or early May.

But every time Tom called his dad to get a certain date for the move, there was some other reason why he couldn't make that decision just yet. Right now the tentative date is set for August, but I won't believe that until I actually see Ted here.

He is such a nice person, stubborn and funny, I'd love to have him around. I also believe his health would improve if he had somebody taking good care of him, maybe get him off some of these pills.  


I still have to work full time

One of my long-time dreams hasn't been fulfilled yet: being my own boss, or at least working only part time for some other person.

I hoped, since the USA has only around 4% unemployment, I would be able to find a part time job that isn't total crap. Maybe even one that I could use my three languages for. But so far that didn't work out. It took three months to find a job that would pay reasonable money to be able to support myself and my family. And, being a new immigrant, I couldn't be too picky either.

 But that doesn't mean I'll be giving up on my dream! I'll keep working away on my 40+ hours job - with eyes and ears wide open for possible chances coming my way.