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... and the car of the day is ...

Seven weeks after the accident Dimension Ford told us our van was fixed, and we should come pick it up. We had hoped for the insurance company to total it and just give us the money. But, no, they wanted to fix it. Their first estimate was $5,000 - the Ford shop estimated $6,000 - the bill was at $7,000 today.

And the car is still not ready to go. The headlight is loose, the sliding door is rattling, the horn doesn't honk, and worst: the car pulls to the right - probably because of two different tires on the front axle.

So, after driving a Nissan Sentra rental car for a month, and our old van for a day, I now got a Pontiac Vibe from the Ford shop. Will be interesting to see if they make it before we leave on our vacation trip to Munich this Friday.


Will I need to look for a new job?

Just when I was really getting the hang of Lincoln and feeling at home there, bad news came my way.

My boss, the General Manager of Merco/Savory, was fired today. And he left so quickly, that I didn't even get to say good-bye.

Thinking back, I had watched him make several costly mistakes - which he feverishly tried to cover up or fix lately. He also never bothered to follow any of the company's rules for standard procedures. And instead of giving his people (including me) directives, he was micro-managing way too much.

On the other hand - who am I to judge? My (ex)boss also was really moving Merco/Savory forward visibly, selling above plan and always full of new great ideas. He just got a little bit ahead of himself there, I guess.

But what will this mean for me? Still a temporary administrative assistant, now without an executive to assist. I had a very nice talk with Lincoln's CEO. He promised to let me know on Monday, the 11th.

I really hope I won't have to start searching again in October, after we come back from our trip to Munich.  


We'll need a new Van

Mollie wanted to stay at her friend's house in Churubusco, so Tom took Armani and the van and drove her there. I stayed home, reading my emails, just waiting for him to come home.

About half an hour after they had left Tom called me and said they had gotten into a bad wreck. Everybody was OK, just our van was totaled. Some older guy with a pick-up truck ran a STOP sign and hit our car at 45 mph.

I drove the Tracker out  to where they were, on Carroll Road, right on the boarder of Huntertown. There was Armani, with a man who lives on that intersection, Mollie sitting on the gras, Tom talking to the Sheriff, a few neighbours' kids checking out the scene.

Doesn't look like the van can be fixed - the frame was probably bent. Tom and Mollie and Armani were extremely lucky, they could have been killed. How can somebody not see a STOP sign, plus not even slow down, plus run into a pretty big van without even touching his brakes? I think the guy was either asleep or drunk. 



Alejandra moves back to Germany

Her plane took off Fort Wayne airport today at 11:55 a.m.

I keep telling myself that it is what she wants to do, that I should be proud of her for taking her life in her own hands, that she would have - at most - stayed with me for one more year.

I know she'll be having lots of fun. She will have her dad and her best friend's family to take care of her. She will be making a big step ahead and have the chance to grow, become the responsible adult that she thinks she already is.

And then there is the internet, the telephone, and we'll visit each other. She will always be my girl, and I should be proud of myself too, for accomplishing what had been my goals with her education: make her strong, independent, self-confident, fearless, with a free will and the energy to pull thru.

But on the other hand I think, she isn't ready yet. Or, maybe, I'm not ready yet.   


Ted keeps postponing his move

Tom's dad is in pretty bad shape, health-wise. He has been diagnosed with multiple system atrophy a while ago and doctors fill him up with dozens of pills that counteract each other.

When we bought our house we specifically looked for one with enough room and the possibility to have Ted move in with us. Tom already got quotes on putting a shower in the downstairs bathroom and we were talking about Ted moving in late April or early May.

But every time Tom called his dad to get a certain date for the move, there was some other reason why he couldn't make that decision just yet. Right now the tentative date is set for August, but I won't believe that until I actually see Ted here.

He is such a nice person, stubborn and funny, I'd love to have him around. I also believe his health would improve if he had somebody taking good care of him, maybe get him off some of these pills.