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get ready for Halloween


Leaves are falling, it's cold and nasty outside, and everybody starts preparations for the holiday season. The stores have their Halloween stuff right next to the Christmas stuff, looks kinda funny.

I wanted Tom to make one of his delicious pumpkin pies, so I had to go get a big pumpkin, scrape the inside out with our icecream scoop, and then carve the face with my pocket knife.

Will be interesting to see how many trick-or-treaters we get - let's hope we don't run out of candy. 

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Iceskating in July

What do you do to cool down, when it's over 90 degrees outside? Well, we decided to go have some cool fun at the McMillen Ice Arena. medium_McMillen.JPGEspecially since they had a promotion going on and we paid only $1 per person for skating, plus another $1 to rent skates for Mollie and Tiffany.

I hadn't forgotten how to ice-skate, Tom got back into it rather quickly too. Just Penny seemed to be taking it easy, going real slow around the rink.

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Watch Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest


OK - those of you who know my interest in computer animated special effects would probably expect me to go watch this movie. The rest of you might wonder, what kind of satisfaction such *simple* pleasures can bring.

If you didn't see the first *Pirates of the Caribbean* you will probably feel a bit lost with the second episode. On the other hand, if you did see the first part, be aware of the fact that the second doesn't quite reach the same level. Even though the special effects are nothing but breath-taking, the story itself lacks logic a little.

Plan on going with your friends, or family; consider it good-old-easy-entertainment; and be sure to sit thru to the very end, after the endless list of actors and staff, to see a funny little surprise.

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Tom bought a motorcycle

Honda Hayden in Kendallville has a special promotion going on. medium_Shadow.jpgSo Tom couldn't resist and signed for a very beautiful  Honda Shadow Aero, 750ccm.

He was nervous about riding it home, since the last time he rode was over six years ago. But he did just fine. Once we got home I couldn't resist either - had to try it out, even though I don't have a motorcycle license yet. And it has been twenty years for me since I last rode, if you don't count the five minutes in November 1999.

It's a really nice motorcycle! Very well balanced, easy to handle. Just the position of your feet, forward and up, needs some getting used to. You can't ride standing up on this bike.

Now I have to hurry up and get my endorsement, so I can ride it too, and get my own bike soon.

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Chain-o-Lakes State Park

medium_chain-o-lakes.2.jpgIt was hot and sunny out, so we decided to go on a field trip to the Chain-o-Lakes State Park. That's about 20 miles from our home.

Eight lakes, all connected by a river. Campground, boat ramp, picknick areas with grills, a beach. Just the perfect spot to relax and get tanned. The girls didn't want to use any sun-protection, so they got burned - maybe red is just as pretty as brown?

We rented a boat for an hour and pedaled our way across the lake. I even got to swim outside the area where they wanted you to stay. I had been wondering why everybody was behind that rope, and nobody was swimming out in the lake.

It took the guards a while to notice, and when they got their speakers out to call me back in, I was actually getting ready to swim back anyways. 

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