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Circus at the Coliseum

The Memorial Coliseum hosted a circus for four days. We had tickets for the Saturday afternoon show and enjoyed about two hours of spectacular performances by people and animals.
Acrobats flying high in the air, bears riding bycicles, tigers balancing across steel ropes.
A few animal rights activists were walking around the building, close to the entrance, carrying cardboard signs with messages about the *cruelty* of training wild animals. They didn't get very much attention - probably because it was freezing cold outside. Barely 9°F with the wind chill. 

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Snickerz Comedy Club



Tom had won 10 free tickets for the Snickerz Comedy Club, to be the audience in a TV show called 'Night Shift'. So we took Dan and Sarah, Terry and Artemis, Beth, Josh, Penny and Becky along for a few hours of clean, simple fun. It's going to be aired on Sunday, on channel 33 at midnight.

Stand-up comedy is one of the few occasions I truely feel *alien*. I'd say 70% of the jokes are beyond me, I just don't get it. Wether it's politics, sports, TV shows, celebrities - I just notice a severe lack of general knowledge in these areas of every-day life.

Nevertheless I found it very entertaining, educating, relaxing - we don't go out with a bunch of people that often.

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get the Christmas tree set up

medium_XMasTree.jpgThis is America, and it would be perfectly legal to have a fake plastic pre-decorated Christmas tree sitting in the family room. I don't think I could ever do that though. I'd rather not have a tree at all.

So we drove to Menards and bought a scottish pine, 7 feet tall, with thick branches and long needles. All the ornaments we brought from Germany work just fine on it, except the real wax candles and the red glass top piece.

Now the living room is filled with pine scent. At night we have a fire on in the fireplace and the glowing twinkle of 70 little LED lights on our tree. To make it perfect all we'd need would be some cold and snow outside.

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visit Christkindlmarket in Chicago

Towards the end of November we have many reasons to celebrate. There is Tom's and my Wedding Anniversary, then there is Thanksgiving, medium_XmasChicago.jpegand then my birthday - which was my 50th this year.

On our wedding anniversary we drank that bottle of 10-year-old Rioja, which we had brought from Germany.

For Thanksgiving Becky hosted the traditional family turkey feast for roughly 20 people. And for my 50th birthday Tom and I drove to Chicago.

We had lunch at Glünz Bavarian Haus. Delicious Käsespätzle with a small salad, and Hofbräu beer and cranberry-Schorle for drinks. After that we went for a stroll across Daley Plaza and the Christkindlmarket. It was too warm for Glühwein, actually, but we still had to have some - because that's the tradition.   

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go for a walk in the woods

Today was one of the few Sundays which was not filled with all kinds of *work* to do. And the weather was perfect for a walk in the woods. Cool, but not too cold. Damp, but not raining or snowing. We even had a little bit of November sun peaking thru.

So we took Armani out to the Bicentennial Woods Nature Preserve. 200 year old oaks, maples, and sassafras trees - all left to themselves. The only interruption being the river and a 2.3 mile long trail for people. We should have worn orange caps, because hunting season is in full swing. But Tom didn't think about it, and I didn't know about it.


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