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We planted a tree

Trees are an ancient symbol for many things. Firm roots, strong branches, steady growth, giving shelter, supplying food. When you plant a tree, you demonstrate that this is your own land. You strike root for years to come. You show confidence in a prosperous future.

medium_appletree.2.jpgSo, today Tom and I went and bought an appletree. We carefully selected one that would survive cold winters. We looked for healthy leaves on flexible branches.

Our tree will produce gala apples after a while. It was getting dark already when we finally found some time to plant it. Tom dug a hole, Mollie watered the tree, and I had to take pictures of the event.



We moved into our house

Good Friday is one of the few holidays widely respected in the USA, so I got a day off work. Unpaid, of course, but at least free to do whatever. We made good use of this three-day weekend and moved most of our stuff out of the rented apartment into our own house. Tom, Mollie and I stayed at the house while Alejandra preferred to sleep in the apartment one more night. medium_daffodils.jpeg

The weather was very cooperative, nice and sunny, and pretty yellow daffodils were growing in our backyard to extend a warm welcome. My knees and back are aching, I can hardly move, probably because of carrying too many boxes with heavy stuff in and out of garages and up and down stairs.

Feels good to be sleeping in my own bed again, after three and a half months. There's still a lot to do in and around the house, but we're not that much in a rush anymore. I'll unpack one or two boxes per day, Tom might clean up the yard and the garage, we'll build a cabinet for Ted and storage shelves in the basement.  There will be more time to sit down outside, on the patio, or inside, by the fireplace, and enjoy.


Talking about gas prices...

It seems like some things are just the same world-wide: like the things that people talk/worry about the most.

It was the price of gas in Germany - and it still is the price of gas in the USA.

medium_benzinpreis.3.jpegThe only difference is the proportions people are talking about. 

Taking into consideration that in Germany the price is Euros per Liter, whereas in the USA it is Dollars per Gallon, and looking at an exchange rate of about 1.20 Dollars to the Euro - you still end up with gas being half price in the USA.

But then, people need to drive twice as much. So you end up even again.

The best thing (in my opinion) would be to stop using fossile fuel alltogether. There's plenty of alternatives available. medium_gasprize.2.jpg

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