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210 minutes of power outage

medium_kerzen.jpgOne of the things you don't get very often in Germany is a power outage. Here in Indiana we get that quite frequently. Probably because all power lines are just hanging around outside, up on some posts. Not like in Germany, where most of them are burried under ground. It was around 5:00 p.m. when it happened. I thought I had just blown a fuse, like so many times before - but this time it wasn't my fault.

So we sat there with lots of candles on, having a romantic supper in the dark, just waiting for the power to come back on.

And when it finally did, I actually thought somehow it had been nicer without. No noisy TV on, nothing to do except sit there and talk. I hope we get some more of this soon.


Our mortgage loan has been approved

OK !! Today we received the paperwork for our mortgage loan. Tom signed it and mailed it, now we're just waiting for an appointment with the title company. And then we'll own our new house, the one we fell in love with only three weeks ago.


House inspection and appraisal

We haven't heard a decision from our lender yet, but it looks as if we'll get our mortgage loan OK. Why else would they send the appraiser to that house? We were there at that time, going thru the house inspection. Nothing mayor seems to be wrong. Just some minor electrical problems - like not being properly grounded, a few switches not working, a few cables not thick enough. And we'd need a different water softening unit.

I really hope we'll be approved for that loan, the house has everything we hoped for.


Driver's licenses are hard to get

Even though I have been driving cars, including taxis, and motorcycles for over 30 years, I start on square one in Indiana. I need to hold a learner permit for 60 days before I can take the road test for an operator license. And since I am an alien, I won't even get the learner permit handed to me right away - it will be mailed to me after some office in Indianapolis does a background check on me.

Today at the license branch they told me it might be more than 60 days before I receive the *real* learner permit. If that happens, I can't do the road test yet. I would then have to go to the license branch again and get another *temporary* learner permit. Which is just a piece of paper, saying that I passed the written test and the eye test.

The written test was a piece of cake - 50 very simple questions, most of them just common sense things, and you could mess up on a maximum of 2 *signs* questions plus 5 of the other questions. I passed that, of course, failing one sign and two of the other questions.  


I have a Social Security Number now

I never imagined being happy about a number some government office would assign to me.

But once I found out, that you are non-existant in the USA without that number, I really wanted to have mine. Now, I don't have the SSN card yet, but today I went to the office and they printed an official paper saying that SSN xxx-xx-xxxx had been assigned to me. No, I won't tell you what the number is! That one number is your entire life here. If it falls into the wrong hands, you're done for.

Alejandra's SSN hasn't been issued yet - I was told her's would take another two weeks.