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Tom moves to Germany

The past few months had been very busy for both of us. Tom's wife Jodie had moved out, taking Mollie with her. Tom had quit his job, boxed up his stuff, sent that ahead to Germany with Bax Global. He had to file bankruptcy, because of the debt from his divorce and the mortgage on his house.

On January 22nd 2000 his plane landed in Munich. I had been waiting at the airport for over an hour, the red rose in my hand starting to look a bit tired.

I played Beethoven's *Ode to Joy* on my cassette player in the car the entire way home. Alejandra was having a rough time, and Tom's biggest problem was having left his daughter behind. I almost felt guilty, for being so happy. 

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Told Fernando I want a divorce

I couldn't stand it any longer. Trying to cover my tracks, feeling *split*, I am a very poor liar. So I took the plunge and said: *I have to talk to you. I want to be divorced*. I had expected rage, violence, name-calling, maybe dishes flying - but nothing like that happened.

His reaction was: *That's fine, I want 90,000 DM*. Which is around $50,000 at today's exchange rate.

I couldn't believe this at first. After 13 years of marriage, money is all he wants? And while I felt relieved about the relative ease of this session, I started worrying almost instantly about the consequences: where and how would I find 90,000 DM to buy my freedom?

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Tom and I meet in person for the first time

Tom and I had met on the internet, using Netmeeting, on December 20th 1998.  We had been chatting and video-conferencing most every night since then. On June 15th 1999 we finally met in person.

Tom landed in Munich at 8:00 a.m., flying from Fort Wayne to Pittsburg to Philadelphia. I had reserved a room in a hotel, close to where I lived, for him. Boy was I nervous! For no reason though. Tom was everything I had hoped he would be. After we managed to stop our hands from shaking, we couldn't take them off of each other for six days.

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