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The Best of Two Worlds

Today is the 'official' date to celebrate German-American Day, a little known Holiday that commemorates the foundation of Germantown, PA, on 10/6/1683. I welcome the opportunity to rethink my own German-American identity, especially now - right after returning to the USA from a much needed vacation in Germany.

When you move from one continent to another you expect 'culture shock'. Everything is new, different, better or worse. You're struggling to adjust and learn while trying to keep your personality and memories. After a while you may begin to think that integration was successful. Surprises occur less frequently. Until you travel to the old world and realize the treasures you lost in exchange for the riches you gained.

I define victory as the moment you succeed in combining the best of both worlds for yourself, and becoming a true German-American, or whatever your personal two worlds are called.

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