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Dealing with the Price of Fuel

Let me think. The last time a barrel of crude cost just below $100 gas was running at around $3.80 per gallon. So why are they charging $4.14 now? Of course the big oil companies will have no shortage of explanations for the current situation:

First it was the switch to 'summer mix', then there was the civil war in Libya, and don't forget the weakening US-Dollar, and right after that the Mississippi river flooded, currently it's some pipeline problem in Canada...... Whatever it is, us little people can't do much about the price of gasoline. But we can still attempt to lower our personal cost of transportation, even whithout much of public transportation available.

We can scrap unnecessary driving, consolidate trips, look for options closer to home or on our way. We can also ride our motorcycles to work whenever we get the chance. The latest trick we learned is getting a new fuel-efficient car, like our Hyundai Elantra which hit the 40.0 m.p.g. mark recently.




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