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Homemade Rum Truffles

Rumkugeln.jpgThere are certain times of the year when melancholy sets in at the reminiscence of traditions I cherished back in the old world. There's all the little things I used to take for granted; those things that you don't even think about when they are easily available, and that become ridiculously important when they're taken away.

Like Glühwein and Rumkugeln in Winter.

Last year I found a decent recipe for Glühwein (mulled warm red wine), and World Market carried Rumkugeln (rum truffles), imported from Germany. This year we don't have a World Market in Fort Wayne anymore. So I had a serious problem: no Rumkugeln!

Well, thanks to my friend google, I now know how to make the best rum truffles at home. With real 80% Austrian Stroh rum. Life is good!

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