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Electric Bug

Robert "Bobby" Munger, a student at Indiana Tech, parked his senior project outside Zollner on campus today. He took an old VW Beetle and turned it into a fully street-legal, 100% plug-in, electric car. BobbyjsEBug.jpg

It cost him about $8,000 for the parts, countless hours of work, and some help from his buddies.

Right now he says the bug will run 20 miles on a charge; when it's fully broke in Bobby hopes to be getting 30 miles out of it. Charging time is around 3 to 6 hours, depending on how far the eight batteries are down.

I think this project shows the true spirit of America, and find it kind of sad that the school won't let him plug it in on campus.


He was not the first one with this idea. A rural guy here in the Fox Valley area had that idea already last year. He gets 30 miles out of it also, and uses it to get from Appleton to Green Bay. He can't plug it in anywhere either, that sucks.

Posted by: silvia | 05/23/2009

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