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Indiana Tech's Talent Showcase

I had been practicing for about ten months to be able to perform Melanie Oesch's Kuku-Jodel at our annual talent show. Today was the day! I must admit I was a little nervous at first. After all, I had been doing this yodel by myself alone in my car only.

Standing there in the gym, bright lights shining right into my face, a crowd of students watching, feels a bit different. But about 20 seconds into my performance I loosened up, and people seemed to enjoy it. Or maybe that was just because Shelly K., the commentator, told everybody at the beginning: *no booh-ing, folks*.

You'll be my judge now.

BTW (02/02/2012): I took the original video of this performance off of YouTube because it was just too embarassing ;)  I performed again a year later with this yodel - still a lot of practice needed, but I'm getting more confident.

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