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time is ticking


I like *old school* things just as much as I enjoy *high tech*. I also collect clocks. So the gift I received from Tom for my birthday today was very fit and proper. It is a fully mechanical wooden cuckoo clock, made in Germany.

Tom had bought the clock while we were in Munich, two months ago. I had seen the box before, and knowing what kind of things they sell in that store, I knew it would have to be either a beer stein or a cuckoo clock.

I love it!


Congrats on your new clock! For more information on the history, care, and other fun info on clocks like yours, be sure to subscribe to our blog at ........(ad removed by Karin)

Posted by: Dolf Kamper | 11/25/2008

well, then happy birthday to you!
Als Deutscher in USA muss man ein Kuckucksuhr haben, gell? Ich hab noch keine, sollte mich aber auch nach einer umsehen!

Posted by: silvia | 11/26/2008

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