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definitely no more Ü-Ei allowed into the USA ever

Germany is famous for highly sophisticated products, which solve every-day problems utilizing limited resources and space. One of the most ingenious German inventions, in my opinion, is the Überraschungsei. It grants three wishes at once and has been nourishing the bodies, minds and souls of children (and adults) all around the globe since 1974.

0fdd7df7a8fdbb629ccc679aa5f61ef9.jpgThese chocolate eggs containing a small, in most cases yellow, capsule with a tiny toy or puzzle, have been exported to the world for decades. The USA and Africa are the only places, where the combination of food (the chocolate) and non-food (the toy inside) items in one product is against the law.

Which is why it has always been hard to find Kinder Surprise Eggs in the USA, but nobody seemed to really enforce the law regarding them. I used to buy mine at a small Croatian grocery store. Recently there have been incidents in Europe where somebody abused the eggs to smuggle drugs, and elevated levels of mercury have been found in some of the plastic toys inside a few capsules.

So now authorities in the USA are really tightening security against the Ü-Ei threats. Not a single egg will make it thru customs anymore. Good thing I'll be travelling to Munich again in September, to enjoy chocolate eggs and other things.


Funny, I thought you brought this up because there are attempts to change the ruling in Europe. According to media today,1518,570548,00.html

Posted by: Adrian | 08/07/2008

Yes, I've seen that. There has been an earlier attempt in Europe to outlaw the Ü-Ei in 2004. Back then, the EU commission decided they had more important things to do.
I hope at least Europe will keep their cool - I'd have a real hard time surviving without any eggs anywhere ;-))

Posted by: Karin | 08/08/2008

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