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reverse osmosis

Drinking tap water is not a good idea. Even though you won't croak immediately - as the chemicals from tap water accumulate in your body, you might have all kinds of health issues. We already filter our drinking water, with filters in the refrigerator and on the bathroom faucet.

c4c2d55c73fe49abd3775bc697462717.jpgToday Tom installed a reverse osmosis 4-stage filtering system under the kitchen sink. Now our drinking water is better than most bottled water you can buy in stores.


Karin, ich bin mal gespannt in ein paar Wochen was deine Erfahrung mit dem Reverse Osmosis Filter System ist. Wir haben extrem hartes Wasser in der gegend, einen Water Softener im Keller, Filter an der Kuechenspuele, und trotzdem bleibt noch wer weiss was in dem wasser zurueck. Ich bin sogar dazu uebergegangen das Wasser extra noch durch einen Papierfilter laufen zu lassen, man glaubt gar nicht was das fuer einen Unterschied macht. Kepp us posted on the System please!

Posted by: silvia | 06/15/2008

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