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go run, before you know how to walk

One of my colleagues found himself a new job. Good for him, a little scary for me. With the entire IT department consisting of 7 people (including our boss) just one of us leaving means at least 14% of our manpower is gone. And with only two weeks notice, which is a relatively long time for the USA (but still unbelievably short in my opinion), there was really no way I could have absorbed his six years of working experience at Indiana Tech, while he was still here.

So, until we find and hire a new database administrator, I'm going to be flying this thing by myself (mostly) with some much needed help and moral support from the remaining team. Now that I was barely starting to wrap my head around client-server application development within the .NET framework, I'll have to quickly get a grip on things like Jenzabar EX (an ERP/ERM system for higher education institutions) and administration of the MS SQL server database it resides on.

Coming to think of it, I'm going to love every bit of the process! 

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