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By now I know, that pedestrians are an endangered species in the USA. Most roads don't have sidewalks along either side. And when they do, these sidewalks are narrow - two people would have a hard time passing each other. Some very nice and promising sidewalks also tend to abruptly end at intersections.

But then there's also a few very funny looking installations, where it seems like somebody thought pedestrians' lifes should be made easier and safer. By providing a pedestrian crossing, for example. One of those very considerate crosswalks is on Union Chapel Road, just across from the Maplecreek Middle School.

The entire length of Union Chapel has no sidewalks anywhere. That particular crosswalk takes you from somebody's back yard, across the road, over a fancy little bridge, to the other side of a ditch - right up to the school's fence. The white lines are shiny. The crosswalk is well maintained, and it is clearly marked with bright yellow PED XING warning signs in both directions.58a0a18829e1a295a0c4ffef37b2e6d0.jpg   

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