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a pool table for our basement

Penny found out about an estate auction somewhere in the south-western part of town. Tom and I went along, mainly because of the pool table they had. I have never been at an auction. It took me a while to understand how that works.

The auctioneer starts shouting out a relatively high price for the item, then, if he doesn't get any interest from the crowd, he drops the price really fast. Until somebody makes a signal. Scratching your ear is enough - so watch what you're doing, or you could be stuck with something you don't want. If you want to bid, you'll have to pay very close attention. They talk so fast, it's almost impossible to follow.

 When they finally got to the pool table, I was so excited, I could hardly contain myself. It's a beautiful 7 foot custom made table. With real Italian slate, an inch thick, and dark oak wood from Germany. It was made by a company in St. Louis, Missouri. And it cost $4,000 in 1997.

When the original offer of $1,000 had come down to $500 I started bidding. There was one other person interested in the table, and I thought we'd never get it - since we had agreed on our maximum bid to be no more than $700. But we got lucky! The pool table is ours, including all the accessories, for only $600. We'll have it delivered and set up in the basement on Thursday. medium_pooltable.jpg    

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