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about Goals and Objectives

In the meeting invitation for my first Performance Review at IndianaTech it said *be prepared to talk about goals and objectives*.

 That was one of those occasions where I notice, that English still isn't my native language. Look up *goal* and *objective* in an English/German dictionary - and you'll find them both translated to the same identical word: *Ziel*.

So, where's the difference? How can I be prepared to talk about something, that I don't really know what it is? Good thing my friend Google knows it all.

Goals are broad, visionary, nebulous, can't be verified, open to speculation and modification - they are like the hidden treasure, that you're dreaming to find some day. If somebody asks you, if you've reached your goals, you might not know the answer. 

Objectives are the measurable steps, hopefully on the way towards your goals, that you take every day. They need a quantity, a set time, an exact price - verifiable details - attached to them. And when the set time comes, you can find out whether you've reached your objectives, or not.

In Germany I learned, that you need precise, measurable details - or your Ziel is not valid. The German language doesn't support the idea of goals, only objectives are valid. In my opinion, that explains a lot of the fundamental differences between Germans and Americans.


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Interessant. Kannst du jetzt auch noch den Unterschied zwischen Fähigkeiten und Fertigkeiten erklären. :)

Posted by: Kai | 06/08/2007

Äh - OK - Fähigkeiten: "Gelernte oder auf Anlage zurückzuführende Voraussetzungen für das Vollbringen einer bestimmten Leistung."

Fertigkeiten: "Ein partialisierter, automatisierter und stereotyper Anteil des Verhaltens."

Oder, mit meinen eigenen Worten ausgedrückt: um gewisse Fertigkeiten zur Perfektion erlernen zu können, muß man entscheidende Fähigkeiten besitzen.

Posted by: Karin | 06/11/2007

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