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Host on Demand

A former colleague in Germany, who *inherited* the databases and IT applications I had built for our employer there, called me because there was a problem he couldn't seem to fix.

medium_bbvhod2.JPGAt first I tried to walk him thru what I would have done over the phone and with several emails. But after a while we realized, that there was more involved. We figured it would be a lot easier, if I had access to their mainframe - to look at the data and maybe correct the error.

Thanks to the internet timezones and oceans inbetween aren't enough to stop people from working together anymore. IBM's host-on-demand software requires only a webbrowser on the client side, and some administration and security set up on the server side.

I got access to the host in Munich, used my laptop to logon to TSO/ISPF there, and worked for about 2.5 days. I managed to correct the databases and rerun a few reports. The biggest surprise was that, after a year of doing a lot of different things, I still remembered everything needed to work with those mainframe databases.

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