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Bye-bye Lincoln

OK, this was a *temporary* assignment from the very start - but until about 10 days ago I had been hoping for something *permanent* to open up here. That didn't happen. I was informed that, effective December 22nd, my services will no longer be needed.

We don't have the head-count, we don't have the budget, our sales have been going down, we are trying to reduce the number of contractors , ...... you pick whatever reason you like. The result is still that I will be out of a job two days before Christmas.

But then, there is always a bright side to look at. My assignment at Lincoln was supposed to last 6 to 8 weeks, and turned out to be almost 9 months. I gathered valuable insight into the inner workings of *Corporate America*. I made over a dozen new friends, and only one new enemy (who wouldn't admit that, when asked directly). I aquired new skills and practiced old ones. And I had a lot of fun! 

Facing forward instead of looking back, I think this is a chance for me to free up my mind and re-focus on moving my career back on track. Of course I could do just about *anything*, but why waste my knowledge, expertise, talent, vision, dedication and time - on a job that barely pays enough to survive, much less what I am worth?

The loss for Lincoln Foodservice Products is much greater than the loss for me. They lost an $80,000 p.a. employee (whom they could have bought at half price) while I only lost a $24,000 p.a. job (which shouldn't be too hard to replace).


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