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get ready for Halloween


Leaves are falling, it's cold and nasty outside, and everybody starts preparations for the holiday season. The stores have their Halloween stuff right next to the Christmas stuff, looks kinda funny.

I wanted Tom to make one of his delicious pumpkin pies, so I had to go get a big pumpkin, scrape the inside out with our icecream scoop, and then carve the face with my pocket knife.

Will be interesting to see how many trick-or-treaters we get - let's hope we don't run out of candy. 

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Hätte da mal ne Frage: Warum antworten Sie eigentlich immer auf englisch, auch wenn jemand ein Kommentar auf deutsch lässt??

Posted by: vmw | 10/30/2006

Well, the *official* language I picked for my blog is English, which is why I post (and answer comments) in English.
I want more people worldwide to be able to read my blog.

The fact that somebody posts a comment on my blog tells me, that this person must be able to understand a minimum of English - but might not feel comfortable writing in English, which could be the reason for a post in German.
These readers will also understand my replies in English.

Kann natürlich auch auf Deutsch antworten - das würde dann aber viele andere Leser ausschliessen.

Posted by: Karin | 10/30/2006

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