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what's the use of having a blog?

Now that my blog is almost a year old, I think it's time to look at some of the feedbacks I received. There's no doubt about the fact, that writing an online diary puts you in an exposed position - which will bring forth all the good and the bad out there.

Very few of the comments I received were so full of negativity, that I felt the need to delete them. Most of my readers - an average of 5 people daily - enjoy silently. The few who take the time to post a comment write something nice with a positive attitude.

So, why should I stop doing it, according to some people?

  • nobody is interested in my life or my opinion anyways
  • my views are way too happy and positive, I should post more about the *true* disaster, which my life actually is
  • since I am a *typical* German, I shouldn't write in English
  • my blog is full of lies and boring junk, it just sux

Of course I'll go on writing because...

  • some readers told me, they really enjoyed reading my blog
  • always looking on the bright side of life has been scientifically proven to be good for you
  • writing in English broadens my potential audience to almost world-wide
  • people who don't like reading my blog can easily find something else to do

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Ich habe deine Website irgendwo gefunden, Ich finde es toll wie Du dein Leben meisterst. Ich war fuer lange Zeit daheim mit den Kindern und versuche nun Fuss in der Arbeitswelt zu fassen. Ich lese regelmaessig deinen Blog und es hilft mir echt Mut zu finden. Ich bin schon 7 Jahre hier und Du hast echt viel geschafft in kurzer Zeit.


Posted by: Petra | 10/02/2006

Karin, don't ever let those negative comments of some people get you down. I enjoy reading your blog SO much, I've learned a lot from your experiences and hope that you keep on writing for a very long time!!

Posted by: Fiona | 10/04/2006

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