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Travel to Munich



It felt a bit strange to travel back to my old hometown as a tourist. I was wondering wether I would feel homesick or not. I realized that there are very few things, mostly people, I truly miss.

The first thing I really noticed - something I didn't even pay attention to before - was the smaller size of everything. The average car is smaller, the lanes on all roads are narrower, my mom's kitchen appliances are a lot smaller, the portions in restaurants are smaller.

One thing is definitely bigger though: the normal glass of beer!

After two weeks of visiting friends and family, celebrating my daughter's 17th birthday with her and enjoying the Wies'n  (the one and only real Oktoberfest) I was happy to come back home to the spacious environment, which is so easy to take for granted. 


Ihre Methode, Kommentare zu löschen, die nicht in ihr Konzept passen, befriedigt zwar Ihr Harmoniebedürnis, dient aber nicht der realistischen Darstellung Ihrer Situation. Erzählen Sie doch mal über Schulden, Einkommen, soziale Sicherheit, Zukunftsperspektiven anstatt ständig alles gut zu finden und krampfhaft happy sein zu wollen.


Posted by: webwalker | 10/03/2006

OK buddy, I wouldn't need to, but I'll do you a favour.

This is my blog, so I decide about content, style, selection and presentation.
I like to look at the bright side of life, and I believe that it is good for me to focus on positive views and feelings.

Negativity shortens your life and could cause cancer.

Since you specifically asked, here's a realistic assessment of my present situation - comparing it to my previous situation in Germany.

- Debt
When we decided to move to the USA I had the equivalent of 4 years of my salary in debt to pay back.
As of today I managed to reduce that amount by 40%.

- Income
While living in Germany our combined income was not enough to cover the cost of living for our family. In fact, no matter how hard we tried, we went another 500.00 € deeper into the red every single month.
As of today we are making more than we need, we are able to put about 300.00 $ per month into our savings account

- Social Security
In Germany Tom had been unemployed for almost a year, sending out close to 50 applications - and getting one interview. My former employer was planning (and is now doing) an IT *restructuring* project to *optimize cost* - and eventually eliminate jobs. With an unemployment rate around 11% and being almost 50 years old, I was not feeling very secure at all.
Here my age and gender are totally insignificant when it comes to finding a job. What I need here is an open mind and a positive, happy attitude - which I have plenty of.

- Future
I am no fortune teller, so I can't really elaborate on this topic.
But one thing is for sure: whatever the future holds for me, and whereever that future will be staged, I will always see the bright side of it - and stay relaxed and positive.

Posted by: Karin | 10/03/2006

Way to go!!! Keep your spirit up, you're awesome!!

Posted by: Fiona | 10/04/2006

Thanks, Fiona.

Posted by: Karin | 10/04/2006

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