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OK - job secured for another month

It took some patience on my part, and some talking on Lincoln's part - but now at least I know I'll have a job to come back to after our trip to Munich.

I'll be a temp for another month, to fill the 1000 hours with Office Team so Lincoln can have me for free. And then, "if something comes open" during that time, I might be hired permanently.

That gives me another month to show them all the tricks I know, and maybe learn a couple new ones. I'm getting a lot of good vibes from people there, we'll see.


How can you bear the security?
It contradicts the american dream!

Posted by: starwalker | 09/19/2006

Well, to me the beauty of the American Dream (if it exists) is, that everybody is allowed to have their own. To me security and dreams go together nicely.

Posted by: Karin | 09/27/2006

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