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Will I need to look for a new job?

Just when I was really getting the hang of Lincoln and feeling at home there, bad news came my way.

My boss, the General Manager of Merco/Savory, was fired today. And he left so quickly, that I didn't even get to say good-bye.

Thinking back, I had watched him make several costly mistakes - which he feverishly tried to cover up or fix lately. He also never bothered to follow any of the company's rules for standard procedures. And instead of giving his people (including me) directives, he was micro-managing way too much.

On the other hand - who am I to judge? My (ex)boss also was really moving Merco/Savory forward visibly, selling above plan and always full of new great ideas. He just got a little bit ahead of himself there, I guess.

But what will this mean for me? Still a temporary administrative assistant, now without an executive to assist. I had a very nice talk with Lincoln's CEO. He promised to let me know on Monday, the 11th.

I really hope I won't have to start searching again in October, after we come back from our trip to Munich.  

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