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Chain-o-Lakes State Park

medium_chain-o-lakes.2.jpgIt was hot and sunny out, so we decided to go on a field trip to the Chain-o-Lakes State Park. That's about 20 miles from our home.

Eight lakes, all connected by a river. Campground, boat ramp, picknick areas with grills, a beach. Just the perfect spot to relax and get tanned. The girls didn't want to use any sun-protection, so they got burned - maybe red is just as pretty as brown?

We rented a boat for an hour and pedaled our way across the lake. I even got to swim outside the area where they wanted you to stay. I had been wondering why everybody was behind that rope, and nobody was swimming out in the lake.

It took the guards a while to notice, and when they got their speakers out to call me back in, I was actually getting ready to swim back anyways. 

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