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Meet Armani

medium_armani.3.jpgOur newest family member is a 3 month old black labrador-chow mix. We went to the animal shelter and adopted him. Alejandra picked the name (her affinity to fashion clearly visible).
The first thing Armani did was pee on the carpet in the family room, Alejandra's room, under the dining room table, and in Mollie's room.
Good thing Tom had bought a can of special pet stain removal spray for that purpose. We'll have to work on that.


He's gorgeous !

Posted by: Anja | 05/27/2006

Yes, he is very sweet. And smart too - he hasn't had any more accidents inside the house yesterday. But he still freaks out when he sees himself in the mirror in our hallway.

Posted by: Karin | 05/27/2006

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