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Ted keeps postponing his move

Tom's dad is in pretty bad shape, health-wise. He has been diagnosed with multiple system atrophy a while ago and doctors fill him up with dozens of pills that counteract each other.

When we bought our house we specifically looked for one with enough room and the possibility to have Ted move in with us. Tom already got quotes on putting a shower in the downstairs bathroom and we were talking about Ted moving in late April or early May.

But every time Tom called his dad to get a certain date for the move, there was some other reason why he couldn't make that decision just yet. Right now the tentative date is set for August, but I won't believe that until I actually see Ted here.

He is such a nice person, stubborn and funny, I'd love to have him around. I also believe his health would improve if he had somebody taking good care of him, maybe get him off some of these pills.  

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