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210 minutes of power outage

medium_kerzen.jpgOne of the things you don't get very often in Germany is a power outage. Here in Indiana we get that quite frequently. Probably because all power lines are just hanging around outside, up on some posts. Not like in Germany, where most of them are burried under ground. It was around 5:00 p.m. when it happened. I thought I had just blown a fuse, like so many times before - but this time it wasn't my fault.

So we sat there with lots of candles on, having a romantic supper in the dark, just waiting for the power to come back on.

And when it finally did, I actually thought somehow it had been nicer without. No noisy TV on, nothing to do except sit there and talk. I hope we get some more of this soon.


just wanted to tell you about our power outage a couple of years ago. (They don't happen too often here in Oceanside CA, we have our power cables in the ground). Anyway, it happened around Christmas. All of a sudden the power went out and wouldn't come back on for the rest of the day. The outage affetced the whole neighborhood and it was amazing how dark it can be at night if there are absolutely no lights on outside. I loved it. We enjoyed gazing at the stars. We played boardgames at candle light, I told stories to the kids. And it was very quiet without TV on. It was great and I wish it would happen more often here. The only worry I had was about the food in the fridge. But the power came back on some time during the night and the food was still okay.

Posted by: Tina | 03/25/2006

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