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Driver's licenses are hard to get

Even though I have been driving cars, including taxis, and motorcycles for over 30 years, I start on square one in Indiana. I need to hold a learner permit for 60 days before I can take the road test for an operator license. And since I am an alien, I won't even get the learner permit handed to me right away - it will be mailed to me after some office in Indianapolis does a background check on me.

Today at the license branch they told me it might be more than 60 days before I receive the *real* learner permit. If that happens, I can't do the road test yet. I would then have to go to the license branch again and get another *temporary* learner permit. Which is just a piece of paper, saying that I passed the written test and the eye test.

The written test was a piece of cake - 50 very simple questions, most of them just common sense things, and you could mess up on a maximum of 2 *signs* questions plus 5 of the other questions. I passed that, of course, failing one sign and two of the other questions.  

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