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About us moving to America

Whenever you do something really big, you will find out about your friends and family members. You will see their *real* inside. That alone might make it worth your while. People, who are older than you, might tell you you're not as smart and experienced as they are - so you can't make the right decisions. People, who are younger than you, might tell you you're not physically and mentally as strong as they are anymore - so you will be unable to follow thru with your plans.

Some might envy you, for your courage to do something that they would have wanted to do, and didn't dare to. Some might think about all the problems you helped them solve, and now you won't be available for them. Very few people will truely care enough to worry about your future, wether you will be able to live your dreams and better your life, and that of your children.

Whatever anybody says or does, listen and watch with your heart wide open - and don't let them steal your dreams. You and your spouse and your children are all the people, whom you are responsible for. Nobody else. When somebody doesn't help you reach your goals, ignore them. When talking to somebody makes you feel warm inside, and strong and positive, spend more time with them.

Here's some of the negative opinions we had to deal with:

  • you are too old to move to a different continent, you won't be able to adapt
  • neither of you has a secure job there (yet), you won't survive
  • in Germany at least one of you had a job, you should not give that up
  • you should wait for your daughter to finish school in Germany, let Tom go to the USA alone
  • college is very expensive in America, you won't be able to pay for your children's education
  • the USA has a higher crime rate than Germany
  • health care and social security are better in Germany
  • there is virtually no public transportation in the USA
  • the climate is more moderate in Germany
  • Americans don't like Germans
  • your marriage won't last, and then you'll be on your own in a foreign country

The good thing is, we also got a lot of positive opinions:

  • it's better to do something, than just sit there and complain about your financial problems
  • you are healthy, smart and very flexible - you'll find a job which is fun and well paid
  • real estate is so much cheaper in Indiana, you'll be able to buy a nice family home
  • Tom will not miss all of his daughter's childhood, six years is too much already
  • Alejandra will have the oportunity to go to highschool, finish after 12 years (instead of 13) and pick the best of two worlds for her own future
  • to pay for a decent living for your family will not be a permanent fight against the economic situation in Germany
  • you get a real chance to build your very own business, on Tom's computer skills and Karin's organisation and people skills
  • with less everyday worries to handle, you'll be better, happier parents for your children

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I happened upon your site as I was researching on-line opportunities... yuc!

I lived in Indiana for about 15 years, and though we moved to Kansas about five years ago, we still have friends and family living there... but on the other side of the state (NW Indiana - Chicagoland area).

Over in the Fort Wayne area, you may enjoy the winters, as they are typically subject to heavier snowfalls than the west side of the state because of the 'lake-effect.'

It seems that your experience in making any kind of money on line, has pretty much been what it appears to be to me in my research... that the emperor has no clothes on -- lots of empty promises, smoke and mirrors, and outright deceit -- saying anything necessary to get you to part with your hard-earned money.

Well, I just thought I send you greetings and wish you the best as you and yours come to 'the land of opportunity': America. You can make it, and if you can't make it here, you can't make it anywhere.

Wrt whether we Americans dislike Germans... shoot... we've all pretty much come here from some other nation; we're just a great melting pot, and you'll probably not encounter even a single problem from anyone.

Best regards,

P.S. It didn't sound as though you're to the place that you're making a full-time income from the internet yet... but if you don't mind, about how well are you doing, and will you continue to work it? and where are the bright spots?

Posted by: tim | 12/29/2005

Hi Tim,

to answer your question: I'm far from making a full-time income from the internet. Right now I think it's around $100 monthly. I am definitely keeping it up though, there are some (very few) bright spots.

I will not be able to specificly point those out though - I don't want to get into any trouble, if something fails and I was the one who recommended it.

Never give up!



Posted by: Karin | 12/30/2005

Hallo Karin,

I really like your posting "About us moving to America". I got the same reactions from my family members and "friends" when I made the decision to stay here with my husband.
But you have to live your life.

By the way we both met us over the internet too. ;-)
I wish you and your family a great start in the States !!!

Best regards,

Tanja (from Oregon)

Posted by: Tanja | 01/18/2006

Ops...Mensch...da hab ich doch glatt ein paar Fehlerchen eingebrockt. Bitte nimm's mir nich uebel ;-)...Englisch zu reden klappt momentan noch besser, als schreiben. *hihi*

Hast uebrigens eine schoene HP da zusammen gestellt. Werde desoefteren mal nachgucken, wie es Euch hier drueben ergeht. ;-)

Posted by: Tanja | 01/18/2006

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