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About me and Tom getting together

Whenever you do something, most people haven't done yet, you are bound to hear opinions, suggestions, advice - wether you asked for it, or not.

Tom and I met each other on the internet, in December 1998, a time when most people in Germany didn't even have internet access at home.

Here's some of the opinions I was freely offered then:

  • guys are only seaking cheap sex, when they go online
  • you already made one big mistake with your husband, you're in for another one
  • the guy is six years younger, that can't work out
  • Americans all carry guns, they are dangerous
  • chatting online doesn't mean you are communicating, everybody lies online
  • he's probably just after your money, you don't look that good

But there was also some positive feedback:

  • you have been treated badly for so long, go get yourself some love
  • he looks very sexy, why not give him a try
  • you should at least meet in person, to see if you're compatible
  • a younger guy will be good for your self-esteem
  • Americans are well-mannered, open-minded and fun to be with
  • isn't it great that you can get to know people from far away, over the web

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