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my last day at work

I had been looking forward to this day for four months, ever since I said *I quit*. But now, actually being there, I had a few mixed feelings. After thirteen years and three months of going to the same place five days a week, meeting the same people, working on the same programs, typing on the same keyboard and sitting on the same chair, you do get a little attached to it. medium_bbvalt2.jpg

Packing my stuff up was easy. I had decided not to take much. Just my personal belongings, a few books I had bought with my own money, Alejandra's paintings and mine, the company magazines - and my mind full of memories. I'm leaving my plants, rows and rows of folders filled with project notes, software manuals, course scripts, and other documents - some of them older than myself in this company.

I spent my last day on a hand-shaking tour, personally saying *farewell* to roughly 100 people. I was a little surprised to realize, that I actually know 20% of the staff closely enough to be missing them - and maybe be missed by them in return.


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