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Rent a Townhouse in Huntertown

It's not easy to find a place to live, even just temporarily, without being in the area. Things get even more complicated, when you are 5,000 miles away and in a different time zone, 6 hours ahead. And then the place has to be within a certain school district, it needs to be available for rent, it has to be big enough for four people.

medium_huntertown.jpgThanks to the internet, which helped Tom and me find each other, we were able to locate the perfect townhouse for rent in Huntertown. We wired money from my German bank account to Tom's US bank account, to cover the deposit and the first two months of rent. Then we emailed an application form to the landlord. We were aproved! Starting December 1st 2005 we have an address in the USA, even though we won't be living there until January 10th 2006.

Tom's mom cut a check, Scott took it to the office. We are very lucky to have people in the area, to help us with these details. Otherwise Tom would have had to leave early, to organize the USA part of our move - and I would have to organize all the Germany part of the move alone in Germany.   

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