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Decided on a Relocator

I had four different relocation companies look at our stuff and make an offer for moving it. They all agreed on the size of container we would need: a big 40-foot overseas shipping container. But their prices varied from €8,500 all the way up to €11,000 for the same job.

Needless to say, we picked the cheapest one - who also seemed to be the most experienced and professional. There's a lot of international customs rules and laws involved, which doesn't make it any easier. And then we will be without our things for up to two months.

What are we taking? We take everything! Except the kitchen, the washer and dryer, the car. Everything else will be shipped to Indiana. About 150 big boxes full of clothes, books, dishes, CDs. And then all our furniture, big closets, chests, couch, tables and chairs, the beds and matresses, our three computers, even TV and VCR and DVD player (so we can watch our German videos). All electric appliances will need a power converter in the USA.

This is our relocator: Herlitz GmbH

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